PREMIERE: 11.07.2019

Direction: Anna Smolar
Assistant director: Liubov Gorobiuk
Script: Michał Buszewicz
Set design, costumes: Anna Met
Music: Jan Duszyński
Video: Liubov Gorobiuk, Anna Smolar & Ensemble
Lighting: design Jaqueline Sobiszewski
Translations: Marek Kuźmierski
Characterization: Joanna Tomaszycka

Cast: Tenzin Kolsch, Claudia Korneev, Tina Orlandini, Adrian Pezdirc,  Jaśmina Polak, Jan Sobolewski

A post-operatic portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam – the father of European humanism.

Is there still room for humanistic ideas in discussions about the future of Europe? And what happens when we place humanistic thought at the centre of reflections on the notion of a European utopia? Are we still able to believe in the spiritual pact that Erasmus established with full – and probably naive – responsibility for high ideals? Are we still capable of being moved to political and social action, of building communities where the only criteria for inclusion is being a part of the human race?

The play introduces Erasmus to a group of scholars involved in an exchange programme conceived in honour of this great Renaissance thinker – seemingly the last hope in our efforts to save Europe.

Can Erasmus Project students play the role of missionaries serving the cause of European hope, refuting at every step theories of the disintegration of this beautiful utopia?
Or maybe they are a community with totally different goals?
Are we still able to hear what Erasmus has to tell us?

Project 2. – Europe Ensemble

A collaboration between Schauspiel Stuttgart, the Nowy Teatr, Warsaw, and Zagreb Youth Theatre (zagrebačko kazalište mladih).
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation