„And Then There Were None”

„And Then There Were None”


Teatr Dramatyczny


„I nie było już nikogo”

Performance based on: Agatha Christie „And Then There Were None”

Director, script, dramaturgy: Aleksandra Konieczna
Assistant director: Liubov Gorobiuk, Maciej Nawrocki
Production Designer, lights: Marta Pruska
Costumes: Joanna Talejko
Underwater video: Maciej Puczyński
Video: Liubov Gorobiuk
Voice: Lech Łotocki


Maciej Nawrocki (gośc.), Henryk Niebudek, Waldemar Obłoza, Jolanta Olszewska, Miłogost Reczek, Agnieszka Roszkowska, Małgorzata Rożniatowska (gośc.), Łukasz Simlat (gośc.), Maciej Szary, Marcin Tyrol and others.

„And Then There Were None” takes audiences to a hot summer’s day on a beautiful island where a sophisticated group gathers, elegant ladies and cultured gentlemen, in fashionable outfits from the unforgettable era of the 1930s. The criminal intrigue that flows from Agatha Christie’s masterful pen begins when the hotel guests find children’s nursery rhymes in their rooms. And so it turns out that after three days the island will be completely deserted. Only one question remains, who is the murderer? And will they receive a fair verdict?

Production: Teatr Dramatyczny


photo courtesy of fotografowie.com