PALMA photography
STRÓŻU MÓJ installation
LANDSCAPES photography
PEOPLE CRY FOR YOU photos for Laif Magazine
LATO W TEATRZE theatrical project for children
D O N ' T B E S O R R Y fashion photography
SUBCONSCIOUS POET photos for Laif Magazine
AFTERLIFE music video
CROWDED LOVE music video
U P P E R E A S T S I D E fashion photography
L I U B O V I M A T R O S fashion photography
Alicja po drugiej stronie theatrical spectacle
I N T H E M O O D fashion photography
Several Gods music video
HUMAN DRAMA photography
Na L... theatrical spectacle
O CZYM SZUMIĄ WIERZBY fashion photography
GOLEM performance
AUTUMN SADNESS experimental video
APARTMENT photography
PEOPLE, FACES photography
TWINPIQS photography
JUMP photography
KOBIETA Z ZAPAŁKAMI theatrical spectacle
BAASCH photography
WYGANOWSCY photography
DARK OPERA photography
WHAT CYBORGS EAT experimental video
TREMOR OF LOW FREQUENCY experimental video
OSAMA THE HERO spectacle trailer
BL/\CK SW/\N photography
EVENT HORIZON #video installation
Shear Flow Fashion Film
PLANTS video installation
ENTER spectacle trailer
Do M. Video & Poetry
Do M. teaser video and poetry
LOMOGRAPHY photography
ENTER theatrical spectacle
The Sexual Life of Savages theatrical spectacle
And Then There Were None theatrical spectacle